Growing out of an 1899 iconic 91,283 sqft building in Over the Rhine, the beautifully renovated Strietmann Center is Cincinnati’s most modern office building. 

With 15,000 SF open floor plates, it attracts creatives, entrepreneurs, and millennials and their clients will come. Workspaces will focus less on personal space and, instead, dedicate more square footage to a range of areas for collaboration, spontaneous interaction, quiet work, or taking a break.

Ultra Cool Restaurant and Retail Spaces with high ceilings, exposed brick, lots of natural light and employees above.

Restaurant + Retail Space


Zesta Crakers were created here.

Zesta Crakers were created here.

With soul, success, and stories, to tell The Strietmann was built in 19th and early 20th centuries by the Strietmann family, who established their business on a "foundation of optimism and belief that the world was getting better."  The Zesta Cracker brand was created here.  Unique construction features:  

  • High Ceilings, Huge Exposed Beams
  • Arched Windows and Rolling Fire Doors
  • A "Penthaus" graffiti scratched by an unknown German 100 years back
  • Rooftop garden with unparalleled views


Parking:  175 spaces in Washington Park Garage under contract plus neighboring Town garage
Walking:  anywhere and everywhere to Washington Park, Arts Centers, Fortune 500 Companies, etc…
Riding:  North and South Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar stops 1 block away and connects OTR with the Central Business District and The Banks by the Riverfront.  Metro Bus available as well.
BikingRed Bikes, 1 block, plus bike storage within the building
DrivingMajor freeways (3-5 minutes) and Airport (20 minutes)
Flying:  Airport, (7 minutes to Lunken, 20 minutes to CVG)
Exercising:  Newly renovated 15,000 SF YMCA is next store
Dining & Shopping: Unique, one of a kind restaurants, breweries, and boutique shops


First Urban Core Solar pannels installed

First Urban Core Solar pannels installed

  • A renovated building is the ultimate recycling project – far superior than a tear down/new build
  • Built and Renovated on a Platform of Sustainability
  • Renovated, not tear down and new build is environmentally superior
  • Silver Leed certified
  • Solar system, first in urban core


  • Grandin Properties is a Certified Women Owned and Led Business
  • Amazingly, The Strietmann building was financed by a woman in the 19th century
Peg Wyant, CEO of Grandin Properties

Peg Wyant, CEO of Grandin Properties


  • Studies show that large open floor plates can be up to 50% more efficient, 100 people PSF versus a more traditional 200
  • Space that enhances likelihood of creative breakthroughs should not be measured by cost PSF alone
  • Ceiling height makes the point dramatic.  An office with 12’ ceilings vs. 8 ½’ is 29% cheaper on a cubic foot basis if both are priced at $20 PSF.  High ceilings and lots of light are key to a higher concentration of people per square foot – like “smart” apartments
  • Plus, what’s the price of being in a place that millennials and clients alike find compelling?
Why? Because The Strietmann is a place that will motivate, inspire and attract stronger talent.